Our goal is very simple: Elegant, comfortable clothing resting on an ethical foundation. To stay in line with our objective we make sure that every part of the process is done as sustainably and with the least carbon footprint possible.

Natural Fibers & Warehouse Surplus Fabrics

We make sure we use only natural, biodegradable, plant-based fibres (cottons, linens, silks, etc.) in our manufacturing process. A large part of our collection is sourced from the finest surplus fabrics of warehouses and factories across India after detailed supervision. This means that each collection has only limited pieces.

Carbon Neutral Footprint

To offset our own carbon footprint, we plant a tree for every order we receive on the website. We have partnered with www.grow-trees.com and we plant a tree for every order placed on our website on behalf of the customers. Additionally, our thank you cards are made from seed paper. Hence you too can grow a home plant by simply watering the paper on some soil.


Our packaging consists of absolutely zero plastic. All our items are individually wrapped into eco-friendly parchment paper which then is put into a self sealing cardboard boxes before being shipped to you.

Zero Waste Process

One way we give back is by donating all our left over fabric to an NGO based out of Kolkata, India namely Sreejoni Basha. There, the waste fabric is recycled into small cushions and other items by young girls. This is done in an attempt to provide the women a vocational skill and also give them a source of income.