More often than not, you buy clothes creating your wardrobe according to the four seasons of the year. But what if you could build a perennial wardrobe packed with versatile clothing items that you could flaunt any day of the year? This is where a seasonless wardrobe comes of help.

As the name suggests, a seasonless wardrobe contains 20-30 decisively and thoughtfully picked items that can be mixed and matched and worn in any season. This type of wardrobe shares similarities with minimalist or capsule wardrobe and focuses on sustainability, creativity, and quality of the product. 

The celebrated fashion designer, Coco Chanel once said, 'Less is always more.' This mantra applies to a seasonless wardrobe as well and you should abide by it when building a timeless wardrobe. So how do we curate an ideal seasonless wardrobe that speaks of your new eco-friendly, clutter-free, and versatile fashion approach? 

Here are 5 easy and effective ways to build a seasonless wardrobe:

  • Define your fashion style -

  • The first and foremost step of building a seasonless wardrobe is defining your style. Open your wardrobe, take a brief look at it and identify clothes that you genuinely like and wear more often. These are the ones you need more of. Try to recognize if these items fall into any particular category as boho, casual, streetwear, or professional. 

    Ask yourself these important questions to determine your signature style. Do you prefer comfort over fashion? Do you try to set trends with your OOTDs? Do you wear professional clothes to work majorly or does your lifestyle allow you to be experimental with your wardrobe? Answering all of these significant questions will help you know your definitive style.

  • Select your color scheme - 

  • Yellow is one bright and cheerful color that can be a go-to summer color for many, but it wouldn’t fit well in winter aesthetics. To tackle this issue, choose a color palette for your wardrobe that features close to 10 colors that can be worn on any day, any month, and any season. Some of these colors include black, white, grey, navy blue, royal blue, and nude colors as well. They go pretty much with everything. In case you heartily love any season-specific color, incorporate only two or three statement pieces of that color in your wardrobe. 

  • Quality over quantity - 

  • Transitioning to a seasonless wardrobe asks for a shift of mindset from impulse shopping to intentional shopping. Don't risk buying new clothes that you wouldn't be able to style more than once. Instead, take your time and find an item that is sustainable, goes well with your color scheme, and fits your needs best. Such pieces of clothing last longer in your wardrobe and make your shopping experience worth time and money. 

  • Rely on timeless trends -

  • Instead of complying with trends that stay relevant for a shorter period, go for the classic trends that have been popular in the fashion world for years now. These are true trends that pass the seasonless wardrobe test and allow you to look trendy at all times. Do your research, go through old magazines, and watch classic movies to find out looks that still work today. 

  • Declutter regularly -

  • Decluttering your wardrobe will help you in two ways, first, you will not end up with too many pieces at once, second, you will always have space for some new garments in your wardrobe. The rule of thumb here is, once you have reached your desired number of clothes, after that every time you buy one new item you should give up one old item. You can donate that item or upcycle it.