In a world where fashion is often synonymous with excess and environmental impact, Karuna Khaitan stands as a beacon of change, embodying the fusion of elegance, comfort, and ethical responsibility. With a mission to create clothing that not only enhances your wardrobe but also leaves a positive impact on the planet, Karuna Khaitan's commitment to sustainable fashion sets a new standard for the industry.

Natural Fibres & Warehouse Surplus Fabrics

At the heart of Karuna Khaitan's sustainable ethos is the choice of materials. Every garment is crafted from natural, biodegradable, plant-based fibers such as cotton, linens, and silks. This deliberate selection ensures that the environmental footprint of each piece remains minimal, and the fabrics used contribute to the overall well-being of the planet. Furthermore, a significant portion of the collection is sourced from the finest surplus fabrics found in warehouses and factories across India, promoting a circular economy by giving these materials a new life. This commitment to using surplus fabrics means that each collection is not only unique but also limited in quantity, emphasizing exclusivity and reducing unnecessary waste.

Carbon Neutral Footprint

Karuna Khaitan takes its commitment to environmental sustainability a step further by offsetting its own carbon footprint. For every order received on the website, the brand partners with to plant a tree on behalf of the customer. This initiative not only helps in carbon sequestration but also contributes to reforestation efforts. As an added eco-conscious touch, the brand's thank-you cards are made from seed paper, allowing customers to grow a home plant by simply watering the paper on some soil—a tangible reminder of the brand's dedication to sustainability.

Zero Plastic Packaging

Recognizing the pressing need to reduce plastic waste, Karuna Khaitan has adopted a zero-plastic packaging approach. Each item is individually wrapped in eco-friendly parchment paper, providing a protective layer without compromising on sustainability. The packages are then placed in self-sealing cardboard boxes, ensuring that the entire packaging process aligns with the brand's commitment to environmental responsibility. By eliminating plastic from the packaging equation, Karuna Khaitan sets an example for how fashion can be both stylish and sustainable.


Karuna Khaitan's dedication to sustainable fashion goes beyond words; it is a tangible commitment woven into the fabric of every garment. From the choice of natural fibers to the use of surplus fabrics, the brand's approach reflects a thoughtful consideration for the environment. By offsetting its carbon footprint and embracing plastic-free packaging, Karuna Khaitan not only offers an elegant and comfortable wardrobe but also inspires a new era of conscious consumerism. In a world where fashion choices have consequences, Karuna Khaitan stands as a testament to the transformative power of sustainable practices in the industry.