Has it ever happened to you that you tried on a dress and instantly felt that it is made just for you? This is because a garment isn’t just a piece of fabric, it’s an expression, emotion and experience. Don’t you agree?

In an era where fast fashion clutches the minds of the masses, the fashion defined by Karuna Khaitan's pieces is all about communicating your inner self and describing your personality. This personality that adores inclusivity, delivers longevity and drives the future with sustainability. 

Meet one of the most loved collections in Karuna Khaitan’s hood- Zahra. As rightly described by Mrs Karuna Khaitan herself, “The Zahra collection is a beautiful process of becoming you and celebrating yourself”. Since the very inception of the label, Karuna Khaitan has always signified fashion from the lens of a contemporary woman who is rooted in her culture and original values. Zahra is no different- she embodies that very nature of empowerment.



The Zahra collection takes its inspiration from the traditional Indian motifs and handicrafts. Combining this with an airy, minimal visual dialogue to make style synonymous with comfort. The collection runs in sizes from Small to Extra Large and in shades of pastels keeping up with the season of bloom- peach, off-white, teal. It is woven in the traditionally ethnic fabric that is characterised by its lightweight and luxurious appearance, Chanderi.


Another strong point why you will fall in love with the collection is that it symbolizes growth and new beginnings. Zahra embodies the feel of spring and that of a blooming flower in its designs. It was born out of the idea of becoming one with the self through the experience of clothing and encouraging a broad spectrum of self-expression. This benefits the wearer to glide into these pieces accentuating their individuality and personifying their own idea of liberation. Isn’t that something we all wish for in our outfits? 


While bringing in the contemporary looks and ticking the sustainability boxes are all cool and stuff, but how versatile are these pieces? Zahra is that one collection which has its range from casual day wear to stylised occasion wear. One can style and wear these pieces as the occasion demands. The elegant and versatile designs also make it easy to be dressed up or down with the help of modish accessories.


Say, for example, this beautiful Ayka dress can be your go-to wear for a brunch date with a pair of matching sliders and a beautiful cross-body bag, or it can also be worn as a summer day office wear with the tasteful use of rustic jewelry pieces.



This beautiful lace-detailed dress, Emaya, on the other hand, can be embraced as polished occasion wear- not too loud yet very sophisticated. The detailed hand embroidery and the elegant split-neck design are sure to turn heads and put the spotlight on you.



Some things are meant to be expressed freely, clothing being one of them. Our goal is simple- to make our wearers experience the clothing of a lifetime. And the Zahra collection personifies this very emotion of ours. 

So if you are someone who loves couture that has elegant silhouettes and timeless styles, Zahra is your match made in clothing heavens. Ready to try the collection? Visit our stores or browse online at Karuna Khaitan.